About SminkFIT

SminkFIT is an elite fitness boutique gym that exists to serve women and their families by helping them to strike a life-health balance through personal empowerment.

We provide our members with innovative strength and fitness training, while promoting a culture of fun, inclusion, accountability, camaraderie, and optimum results!


We proudly promote a healthy lifestyle by providing specialty programs that include fun activities to all our members.


Accountability. We keep you accountable by checking in with you regularly, reviewing your health and lifestyle goals, and by reminding you of your appointments 24 hours in advance.


Consistency.  Our commitment to you is that if you are consistent in your training schedule and nutrition, you will see results!

Results.  Our team training classes are exclusive to 9 members max. This allows us to focus on YOU with laser sharp precision. Our clients report feeling sexy and desirable again, more confident, energized, and happy!

Innovation.   Our coaches are aways on the cutting edge of all things fitness. They consistently attend workshops and events across the continent in order to bring you the best resources and research based approach to training and nutrition. 

Integrity. SminkFIT offers highly private and secure setting. We never share your information or before and after images with anyone, without your explicit permission. 

Success. We help you set realistic targets to keep you motivated and consistent. We track your progress through tests, measurements, and images to keep you progressing. 

Teamwork. Our trainers facilitate teamwork by having you work together in an intimate setting. Our Organized Team Training sessions are reserved for 9 participants max! This allows us to give you you the individual attention that you deserve.