Your SminkFIT personal trainer will keep you accountable and motivated while empowering you to make the necessary lifestyle changes for lasting results.  Our 1-on-1 personal training sessions are the ideal way to get the attention you need to meet your specific health and fitness goals. Whether it’s achieving a bikini body or losing belly fat, each workout is custom tailored for you and offers the best possible results in the shortest time with maximum enjoyment. No matter what your age or gender, you'll get the results you want with our personal training sessions.



Our team training sessions help you reach your fitness goals faster than working out on your own! Groups of up to 12 members are led by a certified, personal trainer and workouts are only 45-50 minutes long, allowing you to complete your training and get on with your day.


Each member is given the attention they require, while a team atmosphere fosters a positive, friendly community of like-minded individuals. Training in a team setting improves motivation, keeps you accountable, and offers the support and expert guidance that you need to achieve your fitness goals! The SminkFIT Team Training Plan is designed to maximize individual results with workouts being delivered at a lower cost compared one-on-one personal training.





There’s a lot of competition for our children’s attention these days, but nothing is more important than quality one on one time with our kids and teaching them by example.


Why join?

Our kids look to us as role models. The best gift you can give your children is teaching them to respect their bodies and helping them stay healthy and active.
Being strong and fit will transcend every part of your child’s life. It will help build confidence, self-esteem and will teach both discipline and commitment; plus it’s fun!

Program Focus:

  • Increase core stability

  • Improve mobility in lower and upper body

  • Increase full body strength and coordination

  • Improve mechanics for speed, agility, balance & athleticism

  • Improve overall body awareness

Love 'N Sweat 

How would you like to improve your relationship AND your fitness level AT THE SAME TIME? 
At SminkFIT, exclusive couples have the rare opportunity to participate in a comprehensive “Strong Body – Strong Relationship” fit-couples program. Give your relationship the gift of fitness and focus and discover how working out with your partner improves intimacy, communications, teamwork, empowers your relationship and strengthens your bond.