Do you have a busy, high-stress schedule? Are you always putting your work and family needs before your own? Maybe you’re tired of unrealistic body expectations and struggling to understand why your exercise and nutrition plans aren’t working for you the way that they used to. At SminkFIT, we’re more than just fitness professionals; we’re parents, partners, daughters, and sons. We understand your unique situations because our lives are just like yours!


We’re committed to helping you establish realistic goals which allow us to deliver targeted, personal, and group services. We are eager to help you get the most out of your busy life by combining your family and health commitments while being dynamic, inclusive, private, and friendly. We are Ancaster’s only fitness studio that caters to the needs of your entire family; with so many training options, you choose how you want to train! You’re going to love our supportive and encouraging instructors because they believe that your success is their success!

Why Join SminkFIT


  1. Accountability. We know how busy life is and sometimes things get pushed to the back burner; don’t let this happen to you! At SminkFIT, we’ll keep you accountable by checking in with you regularly, reviewing your health and lifestyle goals, and by reminding you of your appointments 24 hours in advance with a friendly, personal email.

  2. Consistency. Consistency is key in order to see changes in your body and mind. Our commitment to you is that if you are consistent in your training schedule and nutrition, you will see results!

  3. Results. We want you to look good, but more importantly, we want you to FEEL good! The results you’ll get by training with SminkFIT professionals will not only help you fit into that special outfit and make you feel sexy and desirable again, but we’ll also help you enjoy everyday tasks such as playing with your kids and spending time with your family by embracing your new found energy!

  4. Innovation. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to change your workouts, create amazing results, and striving to serve you better. We offer specialized DNA testing that allows you to follow the best food plan for your body based on your unique genetic make up. Our coaches and trainers are on the cutting edge of all things fitness and that’s why you will often see them attending workshops and events across the country. We want to bring you the very best resources that are current and up to date.

  5. Integrity. At SminkFIT, we take your privacy very seriously. We never want you to feel uncomfortable so that’s why our studio is in a highly private and secure setting. We schedule one on one meetings to talk about your goals and lifestyle changes and we never share your information or before and after images with anyone, unless we have your strict permission.

  6. Success. Your success is our success! We want you to succeed in reaching your goals and we want you to have a long and healthy life. At SminkFIT, we help you set realistic targets that will keep you motivated. We believe that every small step toward a better version of you is worth celebrating!

  7. Teamwork. We’re on the same team. Your health and wellness are our top priorities and none of us can do this alone. Our SminkFIT trainers facilitate teamwork by having you work together in a small group setting while still giving you the individual attention that you need. Some of the exercises that we encourage in our group training sessions can only be completed by working together as a team.


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